Weight Gain, Diet Plateau, Weigh In & Update – "The Good Life" Week 6!

Weight Gain, Diet Plateau, Weigh In & Update – "The Good Life" Week 6!


Weight Gain, Diet Plateau, Weigh In & Update – “The Good Life” Week 6! The Rod Kim & Vince Cirino Self Deprecating RKVC Pop Rock Pop Up Videos.

Rod suffers from some unexplained weight gain in this episode. Vince has hit a diet plateau of sorts and explains protein in vegetables in his food. RK shows us the Nike+ Running app and the features that help him keep track of his runs. Weight gain can be discouraging at a weigh in when you’re trying to drop pounds, but RK is staying positive and both guys are working to be positive and not let weight gain or diet plateau get them down.

Protein in vegetables proves why some of the strongest creatures on earth are vegetarian, like elephants and gorillas! So weight gain this time might have been from muscle mass or water or any number of things but VC forces RK to talk about it. VC explains protein in vegetables and RK shows us the Nike+ Running app for iOS. Be sure to keep in touch with these guys and let them know how you’re doing as well. Together, we’ll kick this weight gain and be better!

“The Good Life” is a 52 part weekly series documenting the weight loss and fitness journey or self-deprecating romantic pop rock duo RKVC and anyone that would like to join in! Be sure to hashtag your experiences and advice on social media with #WeighIn2015 and #RKVC! RKVC also posts “Lifeline” every Friday highlighting the top 5 pop culture headlines of the week in 2 minutes. Every Wednesday features a new video from Rod Kim and Vince Cirino on YouTube and of course, Mondays are “The Good Life” with episodes such as: Weight Gain, Diet Plateau, Weigh In & Update – “The Good Life” Week 6!

The Self-Deprecating Romantic Pop Rock Duo of Rod Kim & Vince Cirino bridges the gap between songs of heartbreak and love without making you want to jump off that bridge. Rod Kim & Vince Cirino: Mixing the feel & soul of the singer/songwriter genre with a noncommittal love for modern electronic pop.

For more on RKVC as well as Rod and Vince’s music, downloads, performances, schedules, videos, blogs and anything else you could possibly want to know about these guys, visit: http://rkvc.net/ or http://rodkimrocks.com/

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