Unboxing Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Over 40

Unboxing Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Over 40

Arbonne Healthy Living 30 Day Detox- does it work Over 40?? Let’s Unbox this and figure it out together.

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Photo credit to Katie Katz IG- https://www.instagram.com/kt_kacz/
She gave me permission to use these photos

I am a 45 year old fashion and beauty lover. I love helping women find their own style confidence!
I want everyone to find those things that make them feel like a million bucks everyday!
My channel is dedicated to helping others find that style confidence. Especially those of us that are not your typical size 2!
I love trying new styles and finding ways to make them work for my body type and age!

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What I am wearing:
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Lime Life Concealer 03- All links for limelife are below
Lime life bronzers- Mixed 2 colors- All links for limelife are below
Laura Geller Bronzer to blend- http://bit.ly/2ErFBik
It Powder to set- http://bit.ly/2LwcOPx
IT Brow- http://bit.ly/2QA9DWf
Too Faced Blush Palette- http://bit.ly/2WlM0BQ
Laura Mercier Highlighter 01- http://bit.ly/2JWRWyQ
Maneater eye Shadow Palelte- http://bit.ly/2VX7IvO
Eyeko Liner- http://bit.ly/2Kw0tJ5
Ardell Wispies- http://bit.ly/2H8Y5pv
Nars Lip get it on- http://bit.ly/2K3eM7E
Limelife Wish Gloss- All links for limelife are below
Lime Life Link to purchase- https://bit.ly/2T5RbsT
Target Dress- http://bit.ly/2KtsBN2
Hair Ties- https://bit.ly/2LWSNym
Left Hand Ring- https://bit.ly/2FoVIhV
watch- http://bit.ly/2KFQEKf
Bracelet- https://bit.ly/2SudCD3
Necklace- https://bit.ly/2stFnRD
Stud Earrings- https://bit.ly/2CsH2LA
Hoop Earrings- http://bit.ly/2UR8HBk

Camera Used- http://bit.ly/2dqttAE

Monat | http://bit.ly/2kUlzpc
I sell it on the side, just because i love it so much! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you can purchase directly!

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*I purchased all items in the video, unless stated in the video that it was sent to me. If a video is sponsored I will mention it in the video and in the description box.
**I do use affiliate links when available, which helps to support my youtube page and the products I purchase to review. A percentage of the products you buy will go towards keeping my channel up and running.
All Opinions are my own.

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