Morning Jog – WG Cartoon

Morning Jog – WG Cartoon

If you’re not into furries, weight gain and all that stuff, it would be better for the both of us if you’d just leave, thank you~

Alright! So recently i’ve been goofing around in ToonBoom which i hope to use for animation in the future, it definitely took a while to get the hang of it but it’s pretty user friendly once you get the basics down, and it’s a hundred times better than Flash just for the sole reason that it doesn’t crash every two hours
So after doing that short burger nomming animation i decided to try and make a proper cartoon with it! Storyboard and all, i started this project in late april which means it took just under two months, which is great since the previous lardizard binge one took four months, however that one was made in an art program rather than an animation one x3

I decided to go with a not too complicated idea, a portly Charizard wants to get in shape, however he comes across a free protein drink stand owned by a chubby chaser Grovyle, he chugs his drink down and Grovyle starts counting down until the spiked drinks starts to take effect, and with a loud gurgle he starts uncontrollably putting on pound after pound! Though little does Grovyle know, the zard seems to waste no time coming to terms with their new size, and with a proud flex he completely overwhelms him, a bit of a cliche idea, but still a lot of fun nonetheless!

Using a proper animation program does give me a lot of freedom, with my previous method i had to have every character have roughly the same pose to conserve time, as you can see in my lardizard binge animation, across all three shots the character remains relatively static, however here i got plenty of opportunities to make the characters move, as well as add a more dynamic camera pointing across shots kind of like a real cartoon!
The part just after the start where he catches a breather before grovyle’s stand was definitely the hardest, i haven’t really gotten a good grasp on walk or run cycles yet and the charizards’ movements feel too light in my opinion
I think the part that turned out best was the flexing part as you may have guessed, however it was almost as difficult as the running part, i needed a lot of references when drawing the keyframes since there’s so much going on, he opens his mouth, he tilts his head, he flexes his arm, and his whole body jiggles, i think it was mainly luck on why i managed to pull it off but i’m definitely happy with it~

Grovyle is voiced by yours truly, and you can thank squeaksgrayness for voicing Charizard, since i needed a deeper voice and he seemed like the perfect candidate, though in this case it’s mainly noise acting, i really wanna incorporate proper speech in future animations but i have yet to practice with any sort of lip sync

Anyway, it’s been one of my biggest dreams to make a cartoon show one day, and while that idea is way way out of reach, producing an animation of almost a whole minute long all by myself is definitely something i’m proud of, and i wanna thank all of you for your immense support for my animation work, i don’t think i could’ve done it without you, please enjoy!

Animation by me
Pokemon belongs to © Gamefreak/Nintendo

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