Miraculous Ladybug's Muffin Top – Funny Animation

Miraculous Ladybug's Muffin Top – Funny Animation

Miraculous Ladybug feels her own skinny arm .She looks sad and disappointed .She gets an idea that she can become huge and full of muscles picking up a robber with a gun . inside a GYM Supplements store ,He hands her a box of Weight Gain MAX powder

Cat Noir Troll Cat putting some cream into a mixer inside the kitchen with Lady Bug .Lady Bug puts the Weight Gain Max powder into the mixer .She mixes them both together .She takes the mix and drinks it all .She gives a loud burp .Cat Noir watches as Lady Bug flexes her muscle waiting to see her muscles to grow .But instead of muscle her stomach starts getting fatter

Cat Noir laughs at Lady Bug’s sudden weight gain .He pats her fat belly .Lady Bug picks up laughing Cat Noir shaking her fist at him . someone is at the door .The Pizza man shows up with pizza. Lady Bug starts munching down some pizza slices getting chubbier. Her potbelly makes her more hungry now

Cat Noir realizes the Pizza Man is Roger and gets angry and threatens him with his stick weapon . Cat Noir chases Roger out and down the street.Miraculous Ladybug struggles to run as she is too fat now .She takes her weapon out

And throws it out with the string coming out from it .Cat Noir is about to get Roger, BUT Lady Bug’s weapon is near him. The string from Lady Bug’s weapon ties Cat Noir up. He loses his stick and falls. Roger escapes .Fat Lady Bug realizes she caught the Cat instead of Roger. Cat Noir is very angry

Let up Is a Funny Comedy Cartoon Show by Khozam Animation Studio. Let up Comics Is Your Weekly Dose of Funny Animated Comedy Cartoons. Cartoon Shorts with A Hilarious Twist and A Dark Sense of Cartoony Humor. Let up Is a Funny Public Service Message Cartoon to Help Promote Eating Right and Exercising. Just Be in Shape, Lose Weight and There Are No Shortcuts to Being Healthy

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