Low Carbs Diets Are NOT Better For Fat Loss

Low Carbs Diets Are NOT Better For Fat Loss

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Low carb and even ketogenic diets are not superior for fat loss when calories and protein are controlled for.

This is a very controversial subject and I think it’s important for me to focus more attention on this topic as there are several things that need to be clarified.

When calories and protein are controlled for, fat loss is the same.
Low carb diets tend to cause rapid fat loss due to water and glycogen depletion

Do what works for you. The best diet for you is what helps you stay in a caloric deficit and also train the hardest at the gym.
Although macronutrient intake is important, calories with protein are always going to be the dominant contributor to how your body composition turns out.

Note: I forgot to mention one interesting fact. Refined carbs have actually been decreasing since 1999 in the US. This means people are eating less sugar than ever. Obesity is increasing. Hmm?…

Well, clearly it’s more calories and less movement. The metabolic ward trial confirmed this time-based population trend.

Yes, more research may be revealed in the future, yes low carb diets are good for type 2 diabetics, yes they work great for some guys, but the objective truth is that for most dudes just trying to get ripped, cutting carbs to nearly zero is not necessary or warranted for this reason alone.

Limitations of the study were the time period (4 weeks) as well as the fact that these were obese and overweight individuals.

Perhaps the results would differ for resistance trained males at 12% body fat. This is highly unlikely though.



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