How I Lost 80 Pounds- My Weight Gain & Weight Loss Journey

How I Lost 80 Pounds- My Weight Gain & Weight Loss Journey

How I lost almost 80 pounds and gained my life. I know this video is long. I wanted to tell my story, not just how I lost the weight, but how I gained it, and what else eating a plant-based, vegan diet has done for my health. I feel great! I really hope you watch the whole video listen to my story and what I have to say.
I actually got up to 225, not 220 and I got down to 142. I now maintain a healthy weight around 150. I’m 5’8 1/2″. I still have work to do, I want to get stronger and tone up, but I am happy with how I am now in the meantime.

Gary Yourofsky’s speech (the best speech ever, the one that changed my life, and many others). Please watch with an open mind and open heart. Thank you!
His shorter speech
Earthlings (A must watch. Everyone should know what’s going on in this world we are all living in!)

Michael Greger
Forks over knives youtube channel. There are some great videos on this channel, all about health and a vegan plant-based diet.
You can watch the movie on netflix.
Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s youtube channel. There are some great videos, information and recipes. Check it out!
T. Colin Campbell
John Mcdougall

Please ask me any other questions you may have.
Thanks so much for watching!
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Two kitchen gadgets I use most often, love, and recommend for eating more healthy foods. Some products used often in my videos, that are my personal favorites-
✩Vitamix (my favorite blender, great investment.)-
✩Instant Pot (favorite kitchen gadget to cook with. Does so much.)-

This video contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase the item through the product link I provided. It doesn’t cost you anything and helps me out. I appreciate the support!

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