How Crying Can Help You Lose Weight

How Crying Can Help You Lose Weight

How crying can help you lose weight. We talk about all kinds of ways you can lose weight on the channel, but today we’re gonna help you shed that water weight by crying!

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There’s 3 different types of tears a person releases, Basal, Reflex and Emotional.

The emotional tears are the tears that flow when you are overcome with emotion. When you hear that sad song you love or when you’re endlessly frustrated at the fact you’re not losing weight as fast as you’d like.

When we’re stressed we’re likely to release the stress hormone called Cortisol. This combined with emotional tears is the magic combination that will likely result in your shedding some weight.

Cortisol has negarive effects like high blood pressure, lowered immunity and yes weight gain. When you are not expending energy in a healthy way, like crying or channeling it through physical activity your body will crave sugar, and make you hungry. So as a response your body becomes really hungry after the cortisol has run it’s coarse and just as a cherry on top, it wants something sweet. To top it all off researchers also believe that stress caused by high cortisol levels will encourage weight gain around your mid section specifically, though they don’t really have an answer as to why this happens.

When dealing with something that’s really got you stressed, the best thing to do is face it head on. That way you won’t be stressed about it any longer, and if you want to cry about it afterwards, you’ll basically be giving your body what it needs anyway. A way to get all that stress and emotion out.

Everybody cries now and again, and you’d be amazed at how wonderful and refreshed you’ll feel after you let it all out. It can actually be very cathartic. Plus you’ll be channeling all that hormone cortisol on a healthy and natural way. Reducing your cortisol levels will lead to a healthier you, body and mind.

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