Current Weight Gain Comparison and What Always and Consistently Works

Current Weight Gain Comparison and What Always and Consistently Works

I get emails daily asking what works for me and what I would recommend. Although I mention it in every single video I want to mention it again for my newer viewers. Also because it is impossible to respond to multiple emails a days asking the same thing. The only weight gain/weight maintenance product that I have consistently used for the past 8 plus years is LIQUID NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT DRINKS!!! IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT IT WILL EVENTUALLY WORK. It may not taste good, it may become costly, but it is worth it if you truly want to gain weight. If it not tasting good is your only excuse then honestly gaining weight must not be that serious to you. If you drink 2-5 drinks a day, the more the better, you are pretty much guaranteed to gain weight. Its a lot easier to drink something that doesn’t taste good then to eat something that doesn’t taste good. It is also easier to force a drink down when you do not have an appetite or are not hungry then to chew and swallow some food. These drinks give you easy, fast calories.

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